When Mark married Lisa, they had not really thought about their rings and so bought basic Silver ones that they would upgrade later on. Then Mark inherited his Grandparent’s yellow gold wedding rings, which he really wanted to melt down and incorporate into a bespoke design full of sentimental value and history

…He also had a 14ct white gold ring he had bought out in Mexico when he and Lisa got engaged. White gold has a beautiful warm colour that is between the cool white of silver and lemony hue of yellow gold (see the blog page for more information on the colour of precious metals). I suggested that the different colour metals would create a wonderful graduation of colour like a sunset if they were layered next to each other.

I melted the silver ring and yellow gold rings down and created new bands to put either side of the white gold ring. The white gold ring had a ‘D’ shaped profile which did not sit well with the new flat bands. This was overcome by turning the ring inside out, which created a comfortable ‘reverse D’ profile. It also meant that the hallmark was now on the outside, which created a really interesting design feature. Once soldered together, I saw cut lines around the joins to emphasise the colour change.

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