Proud to be able to offer Fairtrade gold and recycled Silver

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I’m really pleased to be able to announce that I now offer bespoke jewellery made with Fairtrade Gold and Recycled Silver!

Fairtrade Gold

As we are becoming more and more concerned with the provenance offairtrade_gold_grain the items we buy, Fairtrade Gold is a fantastic step in the right direction. This is so important when you consider that 90% of the labour force involved in mining gold is made up of artisanal and small-scale mines and 100 million people worldwide depend on this industry for their survival. Small-scale miners are often forced into running informal and often illegal operations due to lack of funds and support, especially when in competition with the bigger players. Conditions in the mines are hazardous, with real health risks posed from handling toxic mercury and cyanide which is used in the extraction process. These miners are at the end of long and complex supply chains and have little option but to accept the price offered by traders, however low.

For Fairtrade Gold, miners receive a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium ($2,000/kg) to invest in improving their business or in community projects such as education, clean water and healthcare. To meet the criteria for Fairtrade status, this includes strict standards on working conditions, health and safety, chemical handling, gender equality, child labour and protection of the environment. Learn more about Fairtrade’s work with gold and precious metals here.

If you opt for Fairtrade gold, you can rest assured that your investment will support the rigorous Fairtrade standards on working conditions, child labour, women’s rights, clean technology, health and safety, organisational management, democratic decision-making, transparency and traceability of their mining operations and responsible environmental management, to produce a gold product that can be labelled as Fairtrade.

fairtrade_gold_grain2You can find me on the Fair Gold website using the Goldsmith finder tool if you search for Goldsmiths based in Bedfordshire.

100% Recycled Silver

Another option for an ethically-conscious commission is Eco-Silver. This type of silver is the 100% recycled alternative to standard Sterling silver. The only difference is that it is guaranteed to be made up of 100% recycled silver made up of scrap from the jewellery, medical, electronics and giftware industries rather than mining new bullion.



So if these precious metal options appeal to you, get in touch to discuss an ethically minded commission.

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