Square or Princess Shape

princessPrincess cut diamonds are a popular choice for the contemporary bride because of the straight lines and crisp edges. The square shape looks fantastic as the centrepiece for a ring on long, elegant fingers. Square stones also work well on a smaller scale as accent stones because they work brilliantly in a channel setting, as the square shapes sit side by side leaving no gaps. As the central focus of a solitaire style ring, the Princess cut works well in a wide range of setting styles, from claw, to all-round (bezel) to tension and end only. Trillion cut stones make the perfect side stones to Princess cut diamonds.


Facet Pattern

Princess cut stones have either 57 or 76 facets. With its pyramidal shape and bevelled shape, it creates the perfect conditions for light dispersion, making it a very popular choice for solitaire engagement rings and earrings. This also means that any internal inclusions can be hidden more effectively.

princess faacets


The Princess cut as we know it today is a modern design, devised in the 1970’s essentially as a modified brilliant diamond. Following several years of optical research, the modern Princess cut was created – a square stone of 57 facets arranged similarly to those of a round brilliant cut diamond.