Memorial Jewellery

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A look at some of the memorial jewellery projects I have designed over the years to show you what can be done and how the process works. I will also cover some other options you may wish to consider if incorporating ashes into your jewellery doesn’t feel right to you.

Sarah’s Remodelling Journey

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It is not uncommon for people to have mixed feelings about melting down and recycling metal, or un-setting and re-using gemstones from precious items they have inherited. But after a wonderful, uplifting hand over with Sarah, I am spurred on to share her journey with me and her reasoning behind reimagining her mother’s jewellery.

The Finishing Touch: Engraving

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will always ask my couples if they have considered having any details inside their rings. Having the wedding date hand engraved inside is a traditional hidden detail that couples have been having for years, but there is scope to be really creative and romantic! 

The Gap Stack

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To fit or not to fit is the question on many brides’ minds when planning their wedding ring. So many engagement rings are not wedding ring friendly and require a fitted wedding band, and yet the high street does not stock many options, if any at all. To be wedding ring friendly, an engagement ring has to be able to … Read More

Ballerina Halo Engagement Ring Remodel

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T got in touch for her third bespoke project with me to remodel her engagement ring. Her brief was to make it more ‘wow’ and to utilise the wasted princess cut diamonds from her unworn eternity ring. Combining the square princess cut diamonds into a more eye catching design was a bit of a challenge – I immediately thought of … Read More

Natural diamond, Lab-grown diamond, or Moissanite – which is best?

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Anyone looking at diamond jewellery online quickly uncovers a minefield of different terms – Natural Diamonds, Lab Diamonds, Moissanites… what on Earth is the difference between them!? Lab diamonds and Moissanite cost much less than natural diamonds, but there must be a catch – what are the downsides?  In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of each … Read More