Jewellery Remodelling

Your Recycled Metals and Gemstones Reimagined

Remodelling Old Jewellery

Your recycled precious metals and gemstones are reimagined into something new.

Jodie offers a complete jewellery redesign, repair and ring resizing service. We also offer jewellery cleaning and can look over your loved pieces of jewellery and give them the TLC they need to last more than a lifetime.

If you have some sentimental metal and gemstones that you would like to incorporate into a new piece of jewellery, we would love to help you. We are passionate about the stories and history behind our client's projects - jewellery is more than mere adornment. It can symbolise so much, and we are always so honoured to bring these jewellery dreams to life for our customers.

Browse our galleries below and get inspired by previous customer stories.

Bespoke Jewellery Design

From the initial design to the finishing touches, Jodie is a highly experienced jewellery designer. Her beautiful sketches quickly bring ideas to life allowing you to visualise your reimagined and remodelled old jewellery.

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To help you on your bespoke journey, browse through our many previous designs. From adapted family heirlooms to re-purposed stones and precious metals, every piece of jewellery tells a story.


Design Consultations
Face-to-Face & Online

We're based in Bedfordshire UK, but can also design remotely online no matter where you are in the world. The process is relaxed, informal and enjoyable. Jewellery remodelling is all about bringing your old jewellery back to life.

"I can’t put into words how you have made my visions come true. You modelled everything on my beloved engagement ring and you created each piece with care and thoughtfulness and I can’t explain in words how special these pieces of jewellery are to me.

Having been told by a jeweller that 'they were not worth replacing, just buy new,' you have proved how incorrect this was. All my rings are entwined in one and I was speechless when I saw the finished pieces. Thank you xx"



Larissa's Remodelled Engagement Ring

Larissa's trilogy engagement ring did not sit flush against her wedding ring, causing rubbing on the settings and creating a gap between the two rings. She asked me to come up with a creative solution to upgrade her ring as an alternative eternity ring and to make sure the rings would not cause any damage to each other.

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The Story of Your Jewellery Continues

Designing the perfect bespoke piece of jewellery starts with conversation.