Bespoke Ruby Wedding Rings

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Jonny and Hayley got in touch with me to design a set of co-ordinating bespoke wedding rings to complement Hayley’s beautiful white gold, ruby and diamond engagement ring. Jonny lives in Scotland, the other end of the UK to me, and Hayley flits between the US and Scotland, so this was the definition of a remote design project!

They really liked a previous design of mine that was a tiara shaped wedding ring, so we used this as the starting point for Hayley’s wedding ring. The pointed petal shapes add a bit of drama to her wedding ring, and ensure it is visible under the halo setting of her oval ruby.

CAD renders of Hayley’s wedding ring

After they selected their favourite version of the design from my sketches, we drew it up in CAD and produced a 3D print. We did this in time to overlap with Hayley’s visit to Scotland so she could try it on with her engagement ring. We tweaked the design a couple of times to ensure the fit was absolutely perfect, with no potential for wear and tear between the two rings.

The final 3D print worn with Hayley’s engagement ring

Hayley’s ring has five brilliant cut rubies grain set into the petals to co-ordinate with the ruby of her engagement ring. It is made of rhodium plated 9ct white gold to match her engagement ring.

Hayley’s tiara shaped fitted wedding ring with grain set rubies

Jonny’s design is very much inspired by the form of Hayley’s – we have engraved an outline inspired by her wedding ring onto his wider band, and invisibly set a matching ruby to fully tie the two rings together.

Jonny’s wedding ring with an invisibly set ruby

“Jodie they look amazing, I couldn’t be more excited to wear them!”

When designing matching wedding bands, I always aim to achieve a complementary feel, rather than ‘matchy matchy’ – your rings are a celebration of you as a couple, and what makes your relationship special is the two unique individuals choosing to spend the rest of their lives together. You may be a married couple, but you are also still two individual people. I think we’ve achieved that complementary look with Jonny and Hayley’s rings, and I cannot wait to see some photos from their wedding!