Jewellery repair


Margaret came to me for some advice after this beautiful ring got trapped in a door and became distorted. Not only was it now an unwearable shape, but a diamond was lost and a sapphire was badly chipped. The ring is hugely sentimental as it belonged to Margaret’s mother and had been left to Margaret’s daughter, Amelia, who wore it every day.

before ring

Due to the age of the ring, the stones’ facets are cut in an old pattern, meaning that standard brand new stones with a modern facet pattern would look wrong next to the other stones in the setting. I was able to source and match a replacement diamond and sapphire for Margaret so that they looked totally in keeping.

downloadAs you can see from this comparison, old cut stones have fewer facets so bounce the light around in a different way.

In the case of this ring, the cut was very important as the stones had to match the other stones remaining in the piece, but it is always something you should consider when selecting stones for any piece of jewellery.

You may have heard about the 4 C’s which are the four elements considered in the quality and price of a white diamond. One of those C’s stands for cut and it is an often overlooked element of cut gemstones. However, the style and quality of cut in a faceted stone is an immensely important factor in the liveliness and overall appearance of a stone.

after ring

While Margaret’s ring was in the workshop for the re-setting of replacement stones, the band was re-shaped and polished up to make it look like new again. All of the claws were checked and re-tipped to ensure this stunning ring will stand up to everyday wear and ensure all the stones are securely set.

So if you have a broken piece of jewellery sitting in a box somewhere at home, consider giving it a new lease of life by having it repaired like this beautiful ring.