r gold boxRose Gold Facts:

  • Can also be called red or pink gold.
  • Rose gold gets its colour from its copper content.
  • 9ct Rose gold has a more coppery appearance.
  • 18ct Rose gold is closer to yellow gold in colour.

More about Rose Gold

Rose gold has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to white metals and yellow gold. It has become particularly fashionable for watches. Its rich coppery tones compliment most skin tones and work with all colours of stones. Just like yellow gold, rose gold contrasts beautifully against diamonds. If you like Autumnal colours, consider using Rose gold as the backdrop to orange, red, yellow and brown gemstones. Alternatively, choose purple, blue or green stones for a stunning contrast.

Rose gold gets its colour from the copper the pure yellow gold is mixed with. 9ct gold has 9 parts pure gold mixed with 15 parts of other metals (mostly copper). 18ct rose gold is much closer visually to yellow gold as it has double the amount of ‘pure’ gold it in its makeup. So if you love the coppery look, go for 9ct but if you want a more subtle variation from yellow gold, opt for 18ct.