y gold boxYellow Gold Facts:

  • The classic choice, yellow gold has a timeless appeal.
  • Yellow gold is true to its natural beginnings and how it looks fresh out of the ground – gold is yellow!
  • Yellow gold looks fantastic with white stones like diamonds as it contrasts them. It also works well with warm coloured stones for a fiery look or as a bold contrast to cool coloured stones.

More about Yellow Gold

As you can see in the image above, 9ct yellow gold has a paler, more subtle yellow hue than the brighter, bolder 18ct yellow gold. This is because it has a larger amount of its alloy made up from metals other than gold, which water it down and reduce the golden tone. Although price tag plays an obvious part in deciding on a metal for a piece of jewellery, but it’s also worth comparing how different carats compliment your skin tone and the colour of any gemstones included in the design.