Platinum Facts:

  • Platinum has been the most expensive of the precious metals, but currently 18ct white gold is slightly more expensive
  • It has a cold, steely tone.
  • It is one of the most durable of the precious metals.
  • It is hypo-allergenic.

More about Platinum

Platinum may be the aspirational precious metal used in jewellery, but it is also widely used in catalytic convertors, dentistry equipment and electrical contacts.

The name Platinum is derived from the Spanish term platina, which is literally translated into “little silver”. This refers to its icy white-grey colouring, not too dissimilar from the cool colour of silver.

Platinum is denser than gold, and about twice as dense as silver, but don’t be fooled into thinking it is hard wearing. All precious metals are fundamentally soft, which is what makes them suitable for fashioning into jewellery.

Platinum has the standard purity of 95%, as decided when the leading jewellery brand Tiffany’s started using it at this purity level in the 1920’s. Much like the hallmark for gold, the Platinum stamp refers to it’s purity level. Check jewellery for the number 950, which refers to 950 parts out of 1000 being pure Platinum. This number is stamped inside a peaked rectangle for Platinum, which seperates it from Palladium, which has the same fineness. Platinum jewellery will also feature the orb stamp inside a hexagon.

Pros and Cons of Platinum Jewellery

Platinum jewellery carries with it a certain glamour because of it’s value and status. As it is the most hard wearing of the precious metals, it makes an excellent choice for jewellery. If your budget won’t stretch to opting for Platinum for the entire ring, you could consider just using it for the setting for increased security.

The weight of Platinum divides people. Some really like it’s hefty feel because it feels reassuring – you’ll notice it if you loose a Platinum ring! Others find it’s weight claustrophobic, especially with wide, chunky wedding bands.

The high cost of Platinum is definitely something to consider. The reason it is so expensive is down to the fact that that is about 35 more rare than gold. Platinum has been marketed as the prestige precious metal of choice for the rich and famous also adds to its appeal and, therefore, its monetary value.

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