A range of jewellery taking inspiration from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights’ Dream’

Electroplated plastic, hand formed with pearls

Midsummer Collection pieces

Goldsmiths Competition Entry

Goldsmith’s 2008-09 Competition Entry –¬†Contemporary Wedding Jewellery Collection

This entry was made using scans from my sketchbooks which I ‘photoshopped’ onto models. a. Circular headpiece for the Bride made from electroformed paper/plastic with pearls trapped in the ruffles. b. Silver and Pearl Bangle for the bridesmaids, cast using the lost wax method and designed to reflect the folds in the Bride’s headpiece. c. Large Frame Ring and Lapel Brooch set which the Groom wears at the start of the ceremony. After he has placed the wedding band on the Bride’s finger, he slides the Frame ring off of it’s hidden magnets that hold it onto the lapel brooch and places it on the Bride’s hand to highlight the new wedding band. The Frame Ring has cubic raw diamonds channel set into one edge and a loop made from a page from the play. The lapel brooch has an oxidised leaf texture pushed into the surface of the metal.