Platinium Engagement Ring Resize

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Lee and Charmaine needed a significant resize on Charmaine’s sparkly engagement ring he ordered from me in an average size M ready for his surprise Christmas proposal.

Charmaine actually needed a tiny size I, so was unable to wear her stunning sparkly ring for fear of it falling off. Before coming back to me for the resize, they spoke to some High Street jeweller shop assistants who recoiled in horror at the considerable resize and told Lee and Charmaine it could not be done. They felt that the diamonds set in the band either side of the central diamond would stop the band from being reshaped during the resize. This, unfortunately, gave them a bit of an unnecessary scare as this big resize was completely possible.

Before doing anything else, the stones were removed. This is because the reshaping of the band would open up the settings, making the stones loose. Once the stones were removed, a cut was made in the back of the band and a segment was removed. The ring was then soldered back together and then reshaped back into a perfect circle. Once the soldered area was repolished, the stones were re-set and the ring looks good as new, just a lot smaller!

If you’ve got a tricky resize and you’ve been put off by High Street retailers, get in contact with us before you give up as we may be able to help!