Musical Commission: Giving new life to an existing ring

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beforeI wanted to share with you a lovely little project I’ve been working on recently for a friend. She bought a delicate silver ring with a treble clef design while on holiday, but it promptly broke during its first wear. She passed the ring on to me for remodelling into a more practical and ergonomic design; retaining the same motif, which represents her love of playing the flute.

New & Improved

before2In its original form, the treble clef run up and down the finger, which looked great and suited the vertical shape of the treble clef but meant that the delicate points were open to being knocked and bent. We discussed the idea of having the treble clef running across the finger where the shape would be protected. The added bonus of this design is that the treble clef design would be less immediately obvious as the shape would curve around the finger and look more like abstract spirals at the first glance.

“I am really happy and have had lots of comments as people admiring it suddenly realise what it is!  I have not taken it off since before Christmas and it is still going strong.  It doesn’t catch on everything like the original. Jodie, you are one talented lady. Thank you!” – Alex

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