Peach Morganite and Diamond Ring

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Rebecca’s proud parents asked me to design a special ring to celebrate her 30th birthday. My brief was to include her favourite colour pink, and for it not to look like an engagement ring.

Her whole party was to be themed up in grown up shades of this very feminine colour, and the ring was to tone in with this to make it the perfect memento for her birthday. Rebecca knew her parents were designing a ring for her but did not know many of the details apart from the pink stone. She did have a minor wobble about the pink gemstone, considering something more traditional like a blue sapphire, green emerald, or red ruby. But I am so glad that stayed true to herself and stuck with the peachy pink theme.

I met with Noreen and Michael to come up with some ideas – I did a bit of research before the consultation and produced a quick moodboard as a starting point, and they came armed with some images of rings they had found online too.

During the consultation, we settled on yellow gold, a pear shaped peachy-pink morganite, combined with diamonds; three round diamonds to represent three decades. The millgrain detail seen in one of the rings from the moodboard inspired the bezel settings for the diamonds.

This was my sketch from our design consultation

Morganite is essentially the same gemstone as aquamarine, and has the same watery and shimmery quality to it. It is a stunning stone, and provided the pink for the ring in a subtle, feminine and elegant way. Because of the watery, pale tone, morganite almost seems to absorb the colours around it, making it really neutral and easy to wear everyday with any coloured clothing. This makes it more easy to wear than a pink sapphire for example, but has a very bright pink tone.

After our consultation, I asked my gemstone supplier to send me a couple of options for the morganite, and Noreen and Michael then came back in to hand select their chosen stone. They also got to see the diamonds loose at this stage too. They surprised me by picking the peachier of the two stones, but it really is a stunning stone.

The chose of yellow gold for this ring is just perfect – it offsets the peachy pink of the morganite beautifully, and I love how the white diamonds really stand out.

The wishbone shaped ring adds some drama to this delicate design, and helps it to not look in any way like an engagement ring.

I always love to hear some feedback about how my designs are received, especially when I get to see some photographs of the recipient wearing it, and I was delighted to hear that Rebecca absolutely loves the ring. It really suits her hand, and I feel very proud that she has such a beautiful ring that celebrates all that she is and that I was able to bring to life for her.

“Rebecca was blown away by the ring you designed for her! She can’t stop looking at it!”

– Noreen

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