Geoff commissioned this special Sterling Silver and Amethyst pendant for his wife Liz for their Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Geoff had noticed that when women wore long pendants, they often span round when they were wearing them and he didn’t want this one to have a ‘wrong’ side. Therefore we came up with the idea of it being three dimensional but reversible with two ‘faces’ that riveted together. The rivets appealed to Geoff’s engineering past whist also creating the perfect system for the amethyst and chain to join onto the pendant.

Over their 25 years of marriage, Geoff had realised that Liz preferred longer pendants so they sat over her top nicely. She also struggled with standard clasps so we designed one that complemented the shape of the pendant whilst still being easy to use and very importantly, secure. The shape of the pendant was inspired by my Brassica collection, which Geoff knew Liz really liked.

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