Diamond Shapes

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When it comes to choosing a diamond for a piece of jewellery, the first decision you’ll need to make is its shape. The shape of a diamond means more than simply the outline shape of the stone. Each cut has a totally different number, shape and positioning of facets. These variations can have a real impact on sparkle and how … Read More

Palladium 950 Vs 500

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I am a big fan of Palladium. It was first introduced in the 1930’s when Platinum was all the rage, and then again in the 1950’s, but it never caught on. When Palladium was given the stamp of approval in 2009 when it received its official hallmark, the jewellery industry took a huge collective intake of breath – what would … Read More

White Metals: Part Three – Platinum and Palladium

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Platinum: the most expensive of the precious metals. But what is it about this precious metal that makes it stand out from the crowd? And how does it differ to Palladium, one of its sibling metals? I hope to answer all these questions and more in this article all about Platinum and Palladium, the final piece of my third part … Read More

White Metals: Part One – Silver

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So you’re thinking about purchasing a special piece of jewellery. You’ve started to take note of the jewellery the recipient already wears and through that research you’ve come to the conclusion that they like silver coloured metals best. You’ve gazed at several jewellers’ dazzling window displays, and you’re now totally baffled by the range of sparkly white metal pieces that … Read More

Musical Commission: Giving new life to an existing ring

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I wanted to share with you a lovely little project I’ve been working on recently for a friend. She bought a delicate silver ring with a treble clef design while on holiday, but it promptly broke during its first wear. She passed the ring on to me for remodelling into a more practical and ergonomic design; retaining the same motif, which represents her … Read More

Mary’s Pottery Pendant

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Mary found this piece of pottery in her garden while digging and absolutely loved the pattern, colour and shape. She had seen some jewellery made using pottery set in silver as if the shards were valuable gemstones and wanted to do something similar with her found piece. She wanted a length of chain that was comfortable to wear and liked … Read More

Liz’s Anniversary Pendant

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Geoff commissioned this special Sterling Silver and Amethyst pendant for his wife Liz for their Silver Wedding Anniversary. Geoff had noticed that when women wore long pendants, they often span round when they were wearing them and he didn’t want this one to have a ‘wrong’ side. Therefore we came up with the idea of it being three dimensional but … Read More

Mark’s Wedding Ring

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When Mark married Lisa, they had not really thought about their rings and so bought basic Silver ones that they would upgrade later on. Then Mark inherited his Grandparent’s yellow gold wedding rings, which he really wanted to melt down and incorporate into a bespoke design full of sentimental value and history… …He also had a 14ct white gold ring he … Read More